Top 5 best board games for teens

Top 5 best board games for teens

In this article you will find the best board games for teens that are sure to get them having a great time!

1.Cards against Humanity

Everyone knows it and everyone loves it. Probably on of the best board games for teens there is.
Cards against Humanity is the hit game that involves putting one white card together with a black card to come up with the funniest answer. Cards against Humanity is a great party game for uncovering just how horrible your friends are. The standard Cards Against Humanity is a good amount of variety to make people of all ages laugh or cry, but can become boring after awhile. That is when the expansions come in to add more spice to the game.  Good for 3-10 people.Get Cards Against Humanity here.

2. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is an intense game that involves players living in a “village” and having to figure who he bad guys are and agree to kill them. In this game you will have to figure who is good and who is bad using the abilities your card gives you and your intuition. This party game is a interpretation of the classic Werewolf card game.
Each player gets a unique role:Werewolf, Seer , Villager, etc. all with special abilities.
After a night phase that includes changing roles players have 5 minutes to find a Werewolf. This game also uses a free Smartphone app to play it.
This game is great for teens as it is fun, quick, and will keep their attention.
Great for 3-10 players. Get One Night Ultimate Werewolf here

3. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a rather new and insanely fun card game that involves avoiding being exploded by an exploding kitten card. You can use cards to explode your friends, see into the deck, and defuse the exploding kitten. Great for adults, teens, and children! Best played with 2-5 players, or up to 9 when combined with another deck. For the crazy fun game of explosions, back hair and goats play Exploding Kittens!
Get Exploding Kittens Here

4. Catan (5th Edition)

Catan 5th Edition is the new installment of the original Settlers of Catan. Catan is the extremely repayable and crazy fun game about trading, building, and settling. Catan is one of the most critically acclaimed games out there winning both the “Game of the Year” and “Game of the Century” honors. Games are good for 3-4 players and usually last about 60 minutes. Catan is great for all ages but is best played with competent people.

Get Catan 5th Edition here

5. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler is the fun and fast paced game of deception and betrayal.
In Secret Hitler you and your friends play in a setting of 1930s Germany in a mood of political suspicion and deception.
Players are divided into 2 teams: liberals and fascists.
The fascists work together to trick the liberals and elect their leader into power, while the liberals must find and stop Secret Hitler before all is lost. Intense, hard, and fun this game will cause the teens to be enthralled.  Best played with 5-10 players.
Get Secret Hitler here