Pandemic Legacy-What is it?

Pandemic Legacy-What is it?

Pandemic Legacy RedPandemic Legacy Blue  Throughout time some board games have been able to stay strong and relevant. Pandemic was one of those board games bringing cooperative board gaming to a whole new level. Now Z-Man Games is bringing a new era to board gaming with Pandemic Legacy, the awesome twist on the classic Pandemic that turns it into an actual story driven campaign like no other! Pandemic Legacy is getting rave reviews already and is sure to improve with each new season! If you are unfamiliar with Pandemic you should really play it immediately! For information on the original Pandemic check out our review here.

What is the difference between the new Legacy version and the original Pandemic?

The original Pandemic was just like any other board game. It did not evolve over time but simply had enough variety in it to keep the game fresh for a long time. However the new Legacy version takes the great game of Pandemic, and makes it into a episodic campaign.
Here is how it works:

  • The Legacy version is played with pretty much the same rules, but it quickly evolves to something so much more intense and complex
  • Legacy is much like enjoying a good TV show with the campaign acting in episodes. Each month in game is more or less another episode
  • Over each episode, your failures and success will build up to cause more tension and make them game EXTREMELY INTENSE, so intense that you may even have to rip apart character cards if they die!
  • The Legacy version is evolved through the use of the 25 rules stickers, which will alter the game after it is revealed.
  • Each month has new objectives, and if you lose once you will get a second shot, but fail again and you move on to the next month and must live with the consequences.
  • Winning or losing will increase or decrease your funding for the next mission.
  • In total you will play between 12 to 24 total missions and record each win or loss with funding level on a calendar provided.
  • Legacy is meant for a one time play through but could be re used if need be
  • Your team will also get two upgrades at the end of every game.
  • There are also hidden items and other secrets to spice up the game.

 What comes in the Pandemic Legacy Box?

  • 1 Epic Sized Game Board showing the world’s major cities
  • 5 Roles Cards
  • 4 Pawns
  • 6 Research Stations
  • 4 Cure markers
  • 2 Track Markers
  • 96 Disease Cubes
  • 48 Infection Cards
  • 61 Player Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • and all the surprises that await you!

So is Pandemic Legacy worth it?

It depends on what you want. Pandemic Legacy is certainly an amazing way to play board games and is for sure worth the try. On the other hand though there is something you should take into account: STRESS! This game is stressful at many times, with each episode building on one another and surprises coming at you to attempt to make you lose it can be very tense. As you play Pandemic Legacy it makes you want nothing more than to win, it is definitely one of the most tense experiences of board gaming there is especially for one where all your friends are trying to work together. All in all though if you liked Pandemic even a little than you really are doing yourself a disservice by not giving the Legacy version a try. Right now only Episode 1 is out and there will be another episode coming out soon so if you have not played Episode 1 yet you better hurry!  For a truly unique gaming experience with your friends Pandemic Legacy is a great option.

Get Pandemic Legacy today!

Pandemic Legacy provides about 12 to 24 hours of play for 4 people and is well worth the ticket price!

Get the Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game from Amazon here!

Get the Pandemic Legacy Blue Board Game from Amazon here!

NOTE: Pandemic Legacy Red and Pandemic Legacy Blue are exactly the same despite the color.

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