Deadly Premonition Board Game announced

Deadly Premonition Board Game announced and it looks great!

Rising Star Games has just recently announced the new Deadly Premonition Board Game on Kickstarter.
They are looking for $50,000 by June 8th and are already $23,000 of the way there!

Rising Star Games is well known for its cult classic Deadly Premonition which was a survival horror game that revolved around a detective and now they are rebooting the series into a board game.

The Deadly Premonition Board Game is based off of the suspense and intense moments of the video game.
See what Swery the iterative director of the Deadly Premonition video game has to say about this:


Swery is apparently quite excited and so are we!

The Deadly Premonition Board Game is a detective themed card based board game meant for 2-4 players.

The game will truly test your strategy, keen eye, and deceptive skills .

You join the detectives in Greenvale tasked with profiling the suspects of Anna Graham’s murder.
Use the evidence you uncover to prove the innoncence of suspects designated to you, undermine fellow detectives by using evidence against them, and work towards moving all of your suspects to the innocent section before winning your final accusation.

What the game comes with

4 x Line Up Boards

4 x Alignment Cards

10 x Weather Cards

58 x Evidence Cards

24 x Suspect Cards

1 x Dice

+Swery’s letter and the Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut Steam Key


The Kickstarter campaign also has higher tiers if you donate more money, which could land you more goodies such as the special edition version of the Board game.


Here is the full length campaign video for all the information:

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