How to choose the right D&D dice set

How to choose the right D&D dice set

In D&D dice are essential. We roll dice to decide how much damage our characters do, or even if our characters can deceive someone.
Everything we do in D&D revolves around the quintessential dice roll, and a good set of dice greatly complements this.
In this guide you will figure out exactly what D&D dice set is right for you!

What properties of a D&D dice set are you looking for?

Before we decide what D&D dice set to choose it is important to talk about the different properties of dice.
The properties of dice can be simplified into a couple of categories:

Metal vs. Plastic dice

Possibly the most important property of the dice you pick are whether or not you would like a metal set or a plastic set.

Metal dice Pros: 

  • Weight:Metal dice have a great heavy feeling to them that are very satisfying to roll. When you roll a nice meaty metal d20 you can feel the power behind it.
  • Look: Dice of metallic properties typically are more good looking and more shiny in a way that looks less cheesy.
  • Sturdiness: Metal dice are made of metal, thus they are typically more durable than their plastic counterparts
  • Presentation: When you buy metal dice they typically come with a premium carrying case as well
  • Design: Metal dice a lot of the time have very unique designs that feature beautiful artwork

Metal dice Cons:

  • Weight: Sometimes the weight of the metal dice can be a curse as well. Such as when you are playing on a glass table the dice can feel too harsh and the roll sounds too loud.
  • Price: For the most part metal dice are more expensive but will usually last longer and typically are better.

Plastic dice Pros:

  • Price: Plastic dice are without a doubt cheaper which causes many people to buy a large load of plastic dice so they can roll for many characters at once.
  • Color: Plastic dice usually come in multi color
  • Weight: Plastic dice unlike metal dice will not feel like they are gonna break your glass dining room table

Plastic dice Cons:

  • Presentation: Due to how plastic dice are cheaper they usually come in a not as luxurious carrying case such as a pouch.
  • Sturdiness: Some people have issues with plastic dice chipping or breaking on them
  • Look: Plastic dice typically look more cheesy and awesome than your average metal dice
  • Weight: Rolling plastic dice feels weak and wimpy compared to metal dice. It is just not the same!

Design or no design?

The next property to account for is whether you want a design or not on your dice.

Design dice pros:

  • Your dice will look super cool!
  • Dice will look very unique compared to your fellow roleplayers

Design dice cons:

  • Sometimes the designs can make it harder to read the numbers

Carrying case vs. pouch

Do you want to come into your D&D session with a nice carrying case or rather a simple pouch?

The benefits of having a nice carrying case is that your dice will each have their own individual spots, and you will have case that will be the envy of everyone.
What sometimes can be bad with a simple carrying pouch is that they can open up in travel due to the strings being loose and you might lose your dice!

The final decision!

So you have pondered over what properties of dice you like best and are ready to find the right product for you.

Well lets split the different products we know and love and put them into our various categories!

Metal D&D Dice Sets

1.  Paladin Roleplaying Solid Metal D&D Dice , Silver Color, In Presentation Case

The Paladin Solid Metal D&D dice set is the metal dice set we recommend most.
We love this dice set for a number of reasons:

  • Look and readability: The dice have a beautiful semi-matte quality finish that makes them look the perfect amount of awesome, and also the numbers on the dice are extremely easy to read.
  • Feel: The dice feel amazing to hold with a nice weight to them that gives your rolls that extra oomph to make you feel that much more powerful and immersed in your roleplay
  • Presentation: The carrying case that comes with the dice looks sleek, making the table jealous of your superior dice status.
  • Durability: These dice are built to last and that is extremely evident
    Overall this is our favorite dice set because it is simple yet elegant, so it can be adapted to any situation.
    Get your set of Paladin Roleplaying Solid Metal D&D Dice with a presentation case here

2. Dwarven Metal Solid Metal Dice

The Dwarven Metal Solid Metal Dice Set is another one of our favorite pieces. With a beautiful design that features different little images for every side these dice have a very different kind of look. The dice are obviously themed based off the origins of the Dwarven race and the dice are perfect for playing your Dwarf character or any character!

So lets go over some of the features of these dice.

  • Unique Dwarven themed design that is stunning
  • Great heavy metal feel that really gets you into the Dwarf mood
  • Engraved letters to ensure the dice stay looking great
    All in all this set is great for any avid D&D player and is sure to bring you great  joy.
    To buy the Dwarven Metal Solid Metal Dice on Amazon click here

One caveat to the Dwarven Solid Metal Dice is that it does not come with a carrying case, so we recommend the LOOMEN Treasure Chest Dice Container

Here are some of the key points about the LOOMEN Treasure Chest Dice Container

  • Made of metal
  • Soft felt interior to keep your dice safe
  • Looks great with the Dwarven Solid Metal Dice

Get your very own LOOMEN Treasure Chest Dice Container from Amazon here

3. Cthulu’s Gold Solid Metal Dice with Case

Our final preferred metal dice set. This dice set is great becomes it is simple yet awesome and comes with a badass carrying case.

These dice are great because:

Plastic D&D Dice Sets

1. Q-Workshop Celtic 3D Beige and Black Dice Set

These dice are a great choice for any person who loves a good pair of designed dice.

  • Have a jaw-dropping design based off a Celtic theme that is sure to wow all of your friends
  • Great quality
  • Manufactured by a trusted Game Dice company that is well known for its superior durability
    Get your Celtic 3D Beige and Black Dice Set from Amazon here

2. Elven White Dice Set by Dave’s Dice

The Elven White Dice Set is probably the best pick for any person just coming into the D&D world due to its price and quality. Lets look at the features:

3. Forest 3D Dice Set by Q-Workshop

 The Forest 3D Dice Set is great for any players who find them self identifying with the Druid class. Lets discover some of the features of this dice:

  • Tranquil forest design makes your dice feel extremely special
  • Great quality by Q-Workshop
  • Looks from your friends when they see your awesome D&D dice set
    Get your Forest 3D Dice Set here

Congrats! You have just looked at some of the best dice for both players old and new!

However, if you would like to buy dice in bulk which is great for Dungeon Masters we recommend these products

Bulk D&D Dice Set Products

1.Set of 126 Polyhedral Dice by Yellow Mountain Imports

 This huge set of dice is the perfect value buy for anyone looking to buy in bulk. This D&D Dice Set comes with 126 Polyhedral dice (18 sets of dice). Lets look at some of the features of this product:

  • 18 sets of different color and design plastic dice
  • Large carrying pouch to hold all of your dice
  • Fine quality by Yellow Mountain Imports, a well renowned dice maker
  • Awesome value
    To a great deal for the 126 Set Dice by Yellow Mountain Imports click here

2. Outee 49 Polyhedral Dice Set

The Outee Polyhedral D&D Dice Set is possibly the most valuable product there is for dice. Here is why:

  • Comes with 7 Sets of Plastic Dice each with different colors
  • Each Set of dice comes with a carrying pouch,  A TOTAL OF 7 POUCHES
  • Dice are of good quality and are easily readable

    To get your Outee Dice Set click here

Congrats! You have finally chosen the perfect dice for you!
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